Youth Jobs PaTH

Youth Jobs PaTH is a flexible new approach to youth employment. It is designed to support young people to gain the skills and work experience they need to get and keep a job. Youth Jobs PaTH is open to jobActive providers to refer eligible participants.

It also supports employers to host internship placements and provides them with incentives when they take on a young person.

Youth Jobs PaTH has three elements which are:

  • Prepare
  • Trial
  • Hire

AETS will provide innovative and purposeful pre-employment training by:

  • Delivering a challenging and innovative Team Based Learning program which means young people engage in active peer learning
  • Providing opportunities for young people to learn about jobs they would love in the field of their interest
  • Providing support services to assist with barriers to successful completion of the program for young people who have additional learning needs
  • Providing healthy snacks during the training to keep learners minds on the job
  • Introducing young people to our extensive network of employers and other support services.

AETS has won contracts in the following employment regions across Australia and we are delivering the Prepare component of the initiative.

  • Adelaide North
  • Adelaide South
  • Ballarat
  • Barwon
  • Bendigo
  • Brisbane SE
  • Cairns
  • Gold Coast
  • Goulburn Murray
  • Hobart and Southern Tasmania
  • Hunter Region
  • Illawarra
  • Inner Metro Melbourne
  • North and North Western Tasmania
  • North Eastern Melbourne
  • North Western Melbourne
  • Perth North
  • Perth South
  • Somerset
  • South Eastern Melb and Peninsula
  • Sydney East Metro
  • Sydney Greater West
  • Sydney North
  • Sydney South West
  • Townsville
  • Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast

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