Emma Crichton

Executive Director, Skills

With extensive leadership and training services expertise, there is no one more suited to helm the organisation than Emma. 

She has worked in teams across all sectors of human services and has a passion for creating training that supports job seekers and employers to a better position in the labour economy. 

She has a proven capacity to implement growth for an organisation through diversifying revenue streams, whilst also disrupting the status quo of service delivery models.

Emma has led AETS through the development of a strength-based approach to training delivery. She has overseen the delivery of successful training and support to diverse recipients, including corporate groups, youths, mature-aged jobseekers, Indigenous Australians and individuals who’ve experienced long-term unemployment.

She also strives to be a champion for women in leadership roles.

Kerrie Cooke

VET Lead

Kerrie has a proven capacity to strategise and deliver on different projects from end-to-end and solve complex issues to ensure training completion particularly for large scale employers and Australian Apprentices and Trainee’s.

She has extensive experience in; recruiting, training and retaining staff and has also demonstrated many facets of leadership in her career, including mentoring staff, managing staff remotely and now assuming a lead role in her current position running sales nationally.

Kerrie is also an active member of Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL) & Women in Adult & Vocational Education (WAVE).

Nina Tran

Career Paths National Manager

Nina’s background in both finance and employment services is a significant asset to AETS.

She has been responsible for the successful rollout of Employability Skills Training for the Youth Jobs PaTH program, which has so far made an impact on the lives of thousands of young people, in 27 employment regions around Australia.

Nina also has ten years’ experience with jobactive, and has been responsible for delivering high-quality employability skills sessions to trainers, and providing exceptional customer service to the jobactive market.

She is paramount to driving commercial success at AETS, through data analysis and targeted sales campaigns.  

Rinks Kandra

National Compliance and Claims Coordinator

Rinks is an RTO compliance and vocational training expert, with more than ten years’ experience in the industry.

She has a keen eye for detail and proven experience in maintaining quality-assured training and qualifications.

She employs practical management systems, and regular audit and risk management methodologies. Rinks has successfully managed the end-to-end process of a job seeker and customer’s journey, ensuring streamlined outcomes for all involved.

Her enthusiasm for honing her knowledge of government compliance standards is unwavering.

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