Cyber Security


Certificate III in Information Technology – Cyber Security Focused

This qualification will provide you with the cyber skills and knowledge to be effective in a range of complex roles in the workplace, including:

  • Protecting and securing your own personal online profile from cyber security threats
  • Identifying, reporting and responding to online security breaches and threats
  • Promoting workplace cyber security awareness and best practices
  • Contributing to cyber security threat assessments & risk management
  • Protecting and securing information assets in the organisation.

Course Duration and Delivery

The 12 month program is delivered in shorter, more manageable terms of learning.

This allows you to focus on specific sections of the program at one time. These terms also provide the perfect ‘check point’ over the duration of the program to monitor and support your progress.

Each term, you will enjoy an innovative 360 degree learning experience.

After a program orientation session, you will engage in online group workshops and tutorials, online activities, and have access to on-demand support as required.

Job Outcomes

  • Junior Cyber Analyst
  • Junior Security Engineer
  • Junior Cyber Administrator
  • Junior Systems Administrator

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Program Details

This is an entry-level course, and no previous skills or experience are necessary.

While there are no specific entry requirements, participants are required to take the language, literacy, and numeracy skills (LLN) assessment. It will help us understand how we can assist you in any areas where you may need help while studying with us.

Computer with access to the Internet and with the ability to conduct video interviews. Minimum specifications for your computer are:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later or Mac OS X or above
    • Microsoft Office 
    • Up-to-date internet browser
    • You may also need access to a printer and the following applications
      • Adobe Acrobat reader (free download)
      • Adobe Flash player (free download)

Mobile video recording device i.e., a mobile phone that can record short video at a workplace with a supervisor

Total number of units = 12

  • 6 core units
  • 6 elective units
Code  TitleStatus
BSBCRT301Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skillsCore
BSBXCS303Securely manage personally identifiable information and workplace informationCore
BSBXTW301Work in a teamCore
ICTICT313Identify IP, ethics and privacy policies in ICT environmentsCore
ICTPRG302Apply introductory programming techniquesCore
ICTSAS305Provide ICT advice to clientsCore
BSBXCS301Protect own personal online profile from cyber security threatsElective
BSBXCS302Identify and report online security threatsElective
BSBXCS402Promote workplace cyber security awareness and best practicesElective
BSBXCS403Contribute to cyber security threat assessmentsElective
BSBXCS404Contribute to cyber security risk managementElective
ICTSAS215Protect and secure information assetsElective

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